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All I Really Want Crochet Duster: Red IN STOCK

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$ 89.99 USD

Abbi is 5’7” and wearing a ONESIZE!

ONESIZED best fitting sizes S-XL (2-14)

ONESIZE PLUS best fitting sizes 1X-3X (16-24)

***If you are between sizes, SIZE UP! Such as a size 14/16, we recommend you sizing up to ONESIZE PLUS***

Has a loose, oversized fit  

Fringe can be cut with fabric scissors if you need a shorter length!

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  2. Follow the instructions on your detergent’s packaging for how much to add. For small stains, you can spot clean by gently dabbing the soiled area with detergent to remove it.

  3. Soak or gently rub your item in the soapy water but never scrub, twist or wring it.

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